Roy Lemme



My name is Roy Lemme. I was born in the east of Germany and have been living with my wife and two daughters in the Munich area for many years. Even as a child I was interested in art and drew a lot. At the age of 16 I had my first contact with analogue photography and developed my pictures in a small darkroom. The change to digital photography took place with an EOS 300D. That was the moment when I was infected by digital image and its creation! My „darkroom“ is now a Canon 5D Mark III , a workstation and a graphics tablet – but the possibilities are enormous.

In different photo communitys or in facebook photo groups I saw photos that were different – deep, structured, textured and surreal, frightening and beautiful at the same time, erotic and repulsive, bright and dark!  I wanted to create my own pictures and realize my ideas. That was what inspired me from then on and gave my creativity freedom!

Over the years I noticed several artists – Stefan Gesell, Flora Borsi, Marcin Weron, Jean-Baptiste Mouton (Nihil), Lotta Van Droom and many others. But also the Flemish masters of painting, Rembrandt, Dahli and Leonardo da Vinci, music, film, life and my family have an influence on my art, my creativity and my artistic goals. Every form of art is not comparable and yet fascinating in its own way.

The path is my goal! The result is partly „almost“ irrelevant, because I get the most satisfaction while working on the next project. When I work on a picture space and time become blurred – they dissolve to a large extent.

The idea can be a little story or to make the viewer think about it or to create something special – a symbiosis of colours, a composition of textures, a relief of light and shadow or a journey into the past.

In the middle of 2022, the new era of image creation with the help of artificial intelligence – AI began. The new technology makes it possible to create images that were either financially too expensive or not feasible.

I hope I am only at the beginning of a long and never-ending journey into the world of colours and forms, where textures speak a language where light and shadow exist harmoniously side by side and where nothing is as it seems and yet exists.

„Art does not exist only to entertain – but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for the truth.“

– Barbara Streisand